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Meal Description 

Mole, comes from the Aztec word Molli, which means sauce.  A mole typically contains a mixture of chiles, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.  Please don’t think we sit around all day watching Netflix, but Chef’s Table’s 3rd Episode about Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera inspired our Grilled Chicken or Octopus with Mole.  In the documentary, there is an old woman in a village, with a  molcajete (mortar and pestle), made from volcanic rock that has a large divot due to the many years of grinding Mole, illustrating the amount of work that goes into this sauce.  Mole can vary significantly by region and most have over 100 ingredients and take at least 3 days to make.  Chef Olvera serves mole as a course all on its own, not just as a condiment, illustrating his confidence in the complexity of the Mole.  In fact, he has kept the same Mole for three years and simply makes and adds more to the same batch over time.  We imagine this is similar to the fry oil at Blue & White Take Out on Rt. 1 in Old Town, who probably hasn't changed that oil since 1973, which makes that Fried Chicken tastes so good.  Well, this is the same principal for Chef Olvera’s Mole, as the flavor changes and “matures” with the passage of time.  

Although French Cuisine is the foundation for Western cooking, there are so many other cultures with their own complicated and sophisticated sauces.  Mole, while certainly influenced by the Spanish, is a simple dish that requires many ingredients and a lot of patience.  We will make the Mole ahead of time, using the following ingredients:

Butter, Sweet Onion, Peanuts, Dark Chocolate 64%, Tomatoes, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Garlic, Ancho Chili, Pasilla Chili, Mulato Chili, Guajillo Chili, Chipotle Meco Chili, Chipotle Morita Chili, Sesame Seeds, Toasted Cumin, Oregano, Caraway seeds, Thyme, Mace, and Clove…..HOLY MOLE that is a lot of ingredients!

The Octopus option may seem a little out of place, but that is one of the dishes Chef Olvera serves over Mole.  Octopus needs to be cooked for 2 hours to tenderize.  Or, if you are Sushi Chef Sukiyabashi Jiro, from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (ok…maybe too much Netflix), you massage your octopus for 45 minutes to tenderize.  We prefer Sous Vide.

While our Mole will be excellent, we are certain that old lady with the volcanic rock has 5 times as many ingredients and spends nearly three times as long making hers. We emulate what we respect. 

Bon Appetite!

Time to Cook:  30 min.

Cook by Day:  Monday (chicken) or Wednesday (Octopus)  *Let us know at checkout if you are not cooking on the day of delivery and certain items will be left unprepped.

Items included (serves 2)

  1. Amish-Raised Free Range Chicken or Octopus
  2. Mole Sauce
  3. Grilled Corn – w/ Merquen Aoili and Cotija Cheese
  4. Black Beans
  5. Rice
  6. Corn Tortillas

*Menu items subject to slight variation based on the availability of fresh ingredients; Picture is not necessarily representative of final dish

Meal Contains (including add-ons):    Milk (Mole), Shellfish, Tree Nuts (Mole).  We store, portion, and package various meal kits containing all eight (8) major allergens (milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts) and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur between kits.

Add-on Checkout Items

  1. Double the Protein
  2. Home-style Guacamole and Fresh Corn Chips
  3. Kid’s Meal – Chicken, Rice, & Corn

Bon Appétit!