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Previous Item: Raised North Sea Salmon with a Charred Wild Ramp Pistou over Lemon Risotto (Time to Cook: 30 min. / Cook by Day: Wednesday)

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Meal Description

We are bringing back the Sustainably Raised North Sea Salmon, but this time grilling (or broiling) and topping it with a Home-style Charred Ramp Pistou over a creamy lemon risotto.   Ramps sprout domestically in swampy areas throughout the eastern U.S. in the Spring, and are currently in season for the next few weeks.  They have an exciting, spicy, garlicky flavor with succulent green leaves and a tiny white bulb. 

A Pistou, from Provençal in Southern France, is a cold sauce traditionally made from cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil, which is similar to the Italian Pesto without the pine nuts and Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Here, we will be substituting Wild Ramps, providing a seasonal change to a traditional dish.

As for the Salmon, we have tried many times and failed in our never ending quest to find a better tasting and more tender Salmon than this one.  We have even cold called Salmon farms in Norway, one of which sent an entire fish as a sample to the test kitchen.  While it was delicious, it just doesn’t compare to the one we have sourced for you.  Cook de Cuisine’s Chairman, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and can be quite particular about her salmon, also agrees that this is one of the best she has tasted.

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Time to Cook:  30 min.

Cook by Day:  Wednesday  *Let us know if not cooking on the day of delivery and certain items will be left unprepped.

Items included (serves 2)

  1. Sustainably-Raised North Sea Salmon
  2. Wild Ramps
  3. Rice
  4. Lemon
  5. Creme Fraiche

*Menu items subject to slight variation based on the availability of fresh ingredients; Picture is not necessarily representative of final dish

Meal Contains (including add-ons):   Egg (salad), Fish.  We store, portion, and package various meal kits containing all eight (8) major allergens (milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts) and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur between kits.

Add-on Checkout Items

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