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Meal Description

Catalonia is the region in North Eastern Spain, whose capital is Barcelona, which was popularized in America by George Orwell’s Memoir about the Spanish Civil War, Homage to Catalonia, read by nearly every High School student.

Romesco is to Spain what pesto is to Italy and is traditionally made from Ñora Peppers (also known as Pimiento Choricero), Roasted Tomatoes & Onions, and Toasted Bread & Almonds.  Ñora Peppers are smoked, bell-shaped sweet peppers from Spain that are similar to Mexico’s Guajillo peppers (not widely available in the US and need to be special ordered). Romesco is a condiment that can be served hot or cold, eaten by itself on toast, vegetables, fish, poultry or any type of meat.  It is Spanish “Ketchup!”

The sauce was first used as a condiment for fish dishes in the Serrallo, the fisherman’s quarter of the Ancient Roman Southern Catalan city of Tarragona.  Today, the original dish has more in common with a fish stew, or Mariscada, than what has become the modern Romesco. The two main ingredients peppers and tomatoes, came from the “New World” (Yes, Christopher Columbus) in the 16th century and weren’t in widespread use among the Catalan peasantry until the 19th century.   The secret to a good Romesco is balance and method as nearly all have the same ingredients. A good Romesco, properly prepared, will allow the taste of each ingredient to come through, with none overpowering the other, providing that balance.

Menjarem! (That is Catalan for Bon Appétit)

Time to Cook:  30 min.

Cook by Day:  Friday  *Let us know at checkout if you are not cooking on the day of delivery and certain items will be left unprepped.

Items included (serves 2):

  1. Sous Vide Duroc Pork Loin (the “Black Angus” of pork)
  2. Romesco Sauce
  3. White Beans
  4. Piquillo Peppers

*Menu items subject to slight variation based on the availability of fresh ingredients; Picture is not necessarily representative of final dish

Meal Contains (including add-ons):  Wheat (Bread in Romesco), Tree Nuts (Almonds in Romesco).  We store, portion, and package various meal kits containing all eight (8) major allergens (milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts) and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur between kits.

Add-on Checkout Items:

  1. Double the Protein
  2. Extra Servings   

Bon Appétit!