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Previous Menu: Family Meal -Grass Fed Santa Maria Tri Tip Steak, Pinquito Beans, Salsa, Tossed Salad, & Grilled Bread (Serves 4 / Time to Cook: 45 min. / Cook by Day: Monday)

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Meal Description

Santa Maria-style BBQ originated in the mid-19th century in Santa Barbara on the Central Coast of California.  Ranchers would host Spanish-style feasts each spring for their vaqueros (cowboys), consisting of Tri Tip beef (triangular tip of the sirloin) cooked over a fire of locally sourced red oak.  This BBQ became so popular in California that the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce had the recipe copyrighted in 1978.  In addition to the Tri-Tip, the meal is traditionally served with pinquito beans, which are indigenous to the Santa Maria Valley, and Tomato and Celery Salsa, a Tossed Salad, and Grilled Bread dipped in melted butter.


The Tri-Tip will come marinating in Santa Maria spices, which are intentionally simple to enhance the flavor of the meat. Traditionally, this would be salt & pepper and garlic salt or garlic powder.  The Pinquito Beans are stewed with Pork Belly (optional), Poblano, Onion, and Cilantro.


CookDC Trivia:  What U.S. President had a Santa Maria-style barbecue on the South Lawn of the White House?


Well, it is probably not hard to guess it was the former Governor of California, President Ronald Reagan, that was an avid fan. Reagan hosted a total of 5 Santa Maria BBQs at the White House while in office.


Bon Appétit!


Time to Cook:  45 min.

Cook by Day: Monday


Items included (serves 2)

Grass Fed Tri Tip Steak

Santa Maria-Style Salsa (Tomatoes, Celery, Poblanos, Worcestershire, Cilantro)

Pinquito Beans (Pork Belly (optional), Poblano, Onion, Cilantro)

Grilled Bread (Butter, Garlic, Parsley)

Tossed Salads (Mixed Greens, Shallots, Tomato)


*Menu items subject to slight variation based on the availability of fresh ingredients; Picture is not necessarily representative of final dish

Meal Contains (including add-ons):  Milk, Wheat, Egg.  We store, portion, and package various meal kits containing all eight (8) major allergens (milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts) and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur between kits.


Add-on Checkout Items

Extra Tri Tip