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Previous Item: Custom Ground Grass-Fed Burgers - Short Rib/Ribeye/Hanger Steak Blend - Options: 1) "Neat," 2) Jalapeño & Brie, 3) Chorizo & Manchego, 4) Pork Belly & Blue Cheese, or 5) Foie Gras & Apple Chutney, or 6) Sweetbreads & Mustard

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Meal Description

Our custom grind blend that consists mostly of Grass-Fed Short Rib and Ribeye, with a lesser portion of Hanger steak.  We will grind the meat twice to ensure thorough mix and a tender burger.  The combination of these different cuts, along with the flavor profile coming from grass-fed meat, produces a juicy, one-of-a-kind burger. 


We also are providing a variety of options for what to put on the burger. The default meal kit comes “Neat” with aged cheddar, other options include, 1) Charred Jalapeño & Melted Brie,  2) Chorizo & Manchego, 3) Sous Vide Pork Belly & Blue Cheese, 4) Foie Gras & Apple Chutney, or Sweatbreads & Violet Mustard. Clearly, there is a little something for everyone. 


The sides will include hand cut fries oven roasted with Grass Fed Beef Tallow (fat rendered from the suet), which provides a beefy flavor to the fries.  We also will provide a side salad...for digestion.


Bon Appétit!


Time to Cook:  30 min.

Cook by Day:*  Monday  *Let us know at checkout if you are not cooking on the day of delivery and certain items will be left unprepped.

Items included (serves 2)

Custom Ground Grass-Fed Hamburgers - Short Rib/Ribeye/Hanger blend

Aged Cheddar (come with “Neat”)

Lettuce, Tomato, & Onion

Cut Potatoes

*Menu items subject to slight variation based on the availability of fresh ingredients; Picture is not necessarily representative of final dish


Meal Contains (including add-ons):  Milk, Wheat, Egg.  We store, portion, and package various meal kits containing all eight (8) major allergens (milk, wheat, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts) and cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur between kits.


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