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Previous Item: Holiday Roasts (Order Deadline Wed. @ 9pm): Black Heritage Turkeys; Wagyu Ribeye; Grass-Fed Ribeye; Bison Ribeye

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Note: Order Deadline is Wednesday, December 20th, at 9pm.

We will be offering premium roasts for the Holidays to be delivered on Friday, December 22nd (or other arrangements can be made, as needed).  These cuts of meats are generally not available in the grocery stores.  We will offer some recipe suggestions, if desired.  We can source a wide variety of other roasts - Boar, Rabbit, Quail, Venison, etc., so inquire directly if interested.  We are offering the following (Note: the weight and the servings may vary slightly):

Black Heritage Turkeys - 18-20 lbs. / Feeds 18-24.  Amish-raised in Pennsylvania, these Turkeys are from the Standard Bronze and Bourbon Red Breeds, known for their heavy breasts and dark, rich meat.  These breads were more common in the last century and have been displaced by the larger, commercial White Turkeys.  These breads are free range with a natural diet and grow at a slow pace on small farms.  The Chairman had one for Thanksgiving and thought it was the best bird she has ever tasted!

Sticker Shock? D'Artagnon, the French purveyor of specialty meats, sells an 8 lbs. Black Heritage Turkey for $150. Ours is 20 lbs!!

Wagyu Ribeye - 15 lbs. / Serves 15-19. Wagyu Beef, which is a Japanese breed of cattle renowned for its superior marbling. Wagyu is the same breed used for Kobe Beef, however that is a label only used for cattle raised in the Kobe Region of Japan. Most Wagyu now comes from Australia, as does ours, and is sometimes referred to as Australian Kobe (got to hand it to the marketing department, that is like saying California Champagne or a Mexican Chianti).

Grass Fed Ribeye - 16 lbs. / Serves 16-20. Our Grass Fed Ribeye comes from Joyce Farms in North Carolina, a third generation family owned and operated farm near Winston-Salem. Joyce Farms in renowned for its sustainable agricultural practices and its commitment to all-natural breeding techniques.

Bison Ribeye - 11 lbs / Serves 11-14. More commonly known as Buffalo, the American Bison considered by many as more tender and flavorful than beef. It also is a leaner alternative to beef as six ounces of bison meat contains 190 calories and 3.6 grams of fat, compared to 360 calories and 17.6 grams for beef. It is also lower in cholesterol and higher in protein. Ours is sourced from High Plains Ranch in the Rocky Mountains. The Bison are sustainably raised with plenty of space to roam and graze and are antibiotics and hormone free.