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How much to order?

Order 1 Meal Kit:

For Two Adults

Our meal kits include two adult servings, unless specifically stated.  We provide approximately 6 oz. of protein per serving, or 12oz. per meal kit. The add-on items have a drop down menu allowing for the specific number of servings.

For Two Adults and Young Children

We always have a “double the protein” option at checkout, which will add another 12oz. of protein that could satisfy younger children.  We also typically provide kid’s meals, especially with those meal kits that may be spicy or have strong flavor. 

Order 2 Meal Kits:

For Two Adults or more and most children over 12

We would suggest ordering 2 meal kits for 4 adults servings, which generally would include any child over 12.   KEEP IN MIND WHEN CHOOSING ADD-ONs THAT EACH ORDER MIRRORS ITSELF.   For example, if you are ordering for 4 adults and want 4 dessert servings, then only select the “Serves 2” option.  This will result in 2 servings being applied to EACH KIT.  If you select “Serves 4,” you will receive 8 servings, which you may want anyway, but please keep that in mind.   


Thermometers ensure quality. Overcooking an ingredient is the quickest way to have a less than desirable result. A professional chef can palpate a piece of meat and have a fairly accurate sense of its temperature, but most home cooks need thermometers to ensure restaurant quality results.  We encourage the use of meat thermometers with all of our meal kits. The utilization of the thermometers should help reduce the margin for error and instill confidence in the home chef.  

We will make available for sale at checkout both a roasting and instant-read thermometer for those home cooks without one or both.