Delivering Restaurant Quality Meal Kits to "Turn the Home Cook into a Chef" ©

Mise en Place (pronounced "MEEZ ahn plahs") is a French culinary phrase which literally means "put in place.”  It is the process used in professional kitchens to organize, prepare, and arrange the ingredients prior to cooking.  In a professional kitchen, the turnips are peeled, sliced and blanched. The meat is marinated, the stocks and sauces are made, the onions and garlic are chopped, and the water is boiling for the pasta. Once the preparation is complete, the dish comes together easily.   

Each of our meal kits come with all the ingredients Mise en Place to streamline the cooking process.  Our goal is for you to prepare a restaurant quality meal in approximately 30 minutes, while learning about different cuisines, ingredients, and methods of preparation.  We aim to be your Sous Chef, performing the tedious preparation function, to allow you the joy of actually cooking the meal and exploring new culinary frontiers.