Delivering Restaurant Quality Meal Kits to "Turn the Home Cook into a Chef" ©

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The Chef de Cuisine is the most senior cooking chef in a fine dining restaurant in charge of every other functional chef.  Our mission at Cook de Cuisine is to make you, the home cook, with our guidance and ingredients, the Chef de Cuisine in your own home.

Our focus is on quality, taste, and convenience.  We aim to replicate the quality and flavor profile of a fine dining restaurant in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  We use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients prepared and delivered the same day. Our meal kits are sold a la carte and do not require a subscription as well as each kit is customizable to add additional items, such as extra protein, kid's meals, salads, desserts, among others. There is no gratuity or markup on wine, making restaurant quality and flavor more affordable, and therefore, hopefully experienced more frequently. 

We aim to not only deliver restaurant quality ingredients to make outstanding meals, but to broaden your exposure to flavors, ingredients, and different methods of food preparation.